Low Carb High Fat Resources

Fortunately there are several fantastic resources both online and in books that can either help you learn more about this way of eating or learn how to cook wonderful low carb foods.  Whether you want to find recipes, review sample eating plans, learn more about the science, or hear from real people who have had success, it’s generally there online or in print.  Here are just a few of my favorites in each of those categories.  Please see also http://lifewithbutter.com/resources/

Information for beginners or how to:

All about the science:

There are so many others that I simply adore!  I’m very grateful to each of these bloggers, doctors, nutritionists, etc. for providing free information that helps so many people every day.  I’ll try to update this list a I remember (or discover) other wonderful resources.

If you’re looking for recipes, don’t forget the list I have posted on the page Favorite LCHF Foodies.

Also, I post nearly daily on my Facebook page, Simply Keto.

Last, I add new videos about once per week on my YouTube Channel,


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4 Responses to Low Carb High Fat Resources

  1. Isabel reyna says:

    Thank you for ur wonderful recepies.


  2. Maria says:

    I’m gonna try this again with your recipes! Thanks


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